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Ragnarok Online Estland: Low Rate - Full Server Information

[ Exp Rates Information ]  
 Monday - Thursday    Base 13x / Job 13x / Quest 5x


 Friday    Base 14x / Job 14x / Quest 5x
 Saturday-Sunday    Base 15x / Job 15x / Quest 5x
 Party exp. bonus    10% per member


[ Drop Rates Information ]
 Monday - Thursday    Normal: 5x / Card 5x (0.05%), MvP & MiniBoss 1x / Card 1x
 Friday    Normal: 6x / Card 6x (0.06%), MvP & MiniBoss 1x / Card 1x
 Saturday - Sunday    Normal: 7x / Card 7x (0.07%), MvP & MiniBoss 1x / Card 1x
[ Base Information ]  
 Episode    13.2 - Encounter Against the Unknown  
 Max Level    99/70  
 Max Stats    99  
 Instant Cast    150 dex  
 Mechanics    Pre-Renewal without 3rd Jobs  
 Emulator    Stable eAmod (based on eAthena)     gepard shield 2.0
 Anti-Cheat    Gepard Shield 2.0    Functions: Nodelay protection, Encryption of traffic,
 Anti - Bots / WPE/RPE / Autoclickers / AHK Scripts & DLL Injection
 Server Timezone    Europe/Tallinn, Estonia
 Hosting    Europe/Strasbourg, France (Advanced DDoS Protection)
 Guild Members Cap      
 Guild Alliance    Disabled  
 Multiple windows    Allowed  
 Minimum delay    0.2s (5 skills per second)  
 BattleGrounds    eAmod BG mods (Queue) + @joinbg  
 Main Town    Custom Prontera (4 seasons)  
 Main language     English  
 Godlike items    Disabled  
 Same-sex marriage    Allowed  
 Donations    No Premium Accounts. All items available through quests.
 Only Guild House and Colorize Nicknames.
 Donation systems    PayPal (All world, except Russia)
 Paymentwall (World system)
 Unitpay (Russia)
[ Server Features ]  
 No guildpacks and Freebies.
 BattleGrounds 2.0 with auto-registation (Conquest, Rush, Team DM mods)
 BG/WoE/PvM consumption for a single type of badges
 Ability to transfer BG badges
 Ability to use WoE supply outside the castle
 Speedhacks & Nodelay Protection
 Advanced DDoS Protection
 Guild houses (@gogl)
 Colorize nicknames (58 colors)
 About 100+ kawaii custom headgears
 Analogous RCX functions integrated in the game client (@LGP)
 Show party buff in party list (@spb)
 Various NPCs in Each City
 Extended rankings (woe/bg/pvp)
 Regular events and autoevents
 Comfortable trading location
 Web Vending DataBase
 Active and Professional Staff
[ Custom changelog ]  
 1. Fixed bug with dual Elemental Sword for Assassin Cross
   (Disabled autocast Earth Spike when using Elemental Sword for Assassin Cross)
 2. Set cooldown on Abracadabra (0.25s) due to a bug with use skill without delay
 3. Set after cast delay on Body Relocation (0.25s) due to a bugs with use skill without delay
 4. eAmod bug fixes
    a. Reflecting Damage fix
    Reflected damage ignores devotion. That's the official way but some servers just want the previous style. A
    champion protected with Devotion from a Paladin, hits another Paladin with Asura. With this setting, the
    reflected damage will be received by the Champion, without it the Paladin will receive it.
    b. Dancing weapon change fix
    Change weapon to a bow type stops Dancing in Bards/Gypsys
 5. Disabled homunculus autoloot
 6. Soul Link increases Sonic Blow on non WoE locations by 50% (standard 100%)
 7. Super Novice: Added the ability to use 'Fury' with any EXP, when Super Novice has 99 level.
 8. Disabled Mail post and NPC Banker
 9. MvP/MvP card change list:
    a. Fixed Golden Thief Bug card ( 50% )
 10. BattleGrounds change list:
    a. Free Soul Link for Rogue/Stalker!
    b. Reduced cost by 10 times on skills Cart Termination and Maximum Over Thrust
    c. After your death of BG food can not be dispelled
 11. Start items: 300x Novice Pots, Novice Main-Gauche, Tatterd Novice Ninja Suit.
 12. Start location: prt_fild08 (mobs in location have been increased by x4)
 13. Fixed Nameless Quest.
   Added warp portal instead of default warp when use the boat NPC.
   If one of the members in the party has completed the quest, it makes it
   possible to get to the location, if other members  is no completed the quest.
 14. Multi-Level available only with level 55 and more.
 15. Bonus items when getting level 99
   (2nd class: Old Red Box / Transcendent 2nd class: Old Red Box, Old Card Album)
 16. It was is disabled to gain experience on the guild locations.
 17. Reset Taekwon rank every month
[ Custom NPC list ]  
 Warper    Free. Towns, Vending Zone and entrance to several low-level dungeons
 Heal + Buff    Yes, Free Heal + Agi/Bless  
 Job Master    Yes, Free  
 Platinum skill NPC    Yes, 150.000 zeny for 1st class / 750.000 for 2nd class  
 Universal rental NPC    Yes  
 Quest shop (headgears)    Yes  
 World Announcer    Yes  
 Cards Remover    Yes  
 Stylist    Free. Palettes created by Kami-shi
693 color clothes, 127 hair colors, 80 hair styles
 Colorize Nicknames    Yes. 58 colors
 Skill/Stats Reseter    2.5kk for skills / 2.5kk for stats / 4kk for skills + stats  
 Globacl Exchanger
   ~ Estland Coins <-> Cash Points. Coins is an analogue for trade/transfer.
 ~ Zeny <-> TCG Cards. Zeny/banker analogue. 100kk = 1 TCG

 ~ Event exchanger. Exchange Poring Coins to any items.
 ~ 10x different cards to 1x Old Card Album
 Rent guild house    Rent guild location for your guild (@gogl)  
 Costume-IT    Convert your headgears to costume and back  
[ Custom player commands ]  
 @go <1-25>
   Go to towns without warper  
 @gogl    Go to your guild location (house)
 @joinbg    Join on the BattleGrounds
 @joinpvp    Join on the PvP Arena
 [!!] @cmdset / @setcmd    Configuration of your commands after re-login  
   Autoloot configuration <rate/item/help/clear/info>
 Example for 100% autoloot: @aloot rate 100

 [!!] @autorebuff    Automatically uses [ Heal + Buff ] when you see NPCs on the screen  
 @emotion <1-63>
   Quickly send emotions
 @dance <1-9>
   Quickly send dance  
 @heart <1-2>
   Quickly send heart emotions
 @refresh    Refresh your screen
 @autorefresh <sec/off>    Autorefresh your screen every N seconds
 @changegm    Change Guild Master (Not available at the time of WoE
 @spb    Show party buffs in party list  
 @pf <on/off/ci/cig>
   Enable/Disable packet filter. The best option for massive WoE.
Significantly increases
FPS in game, and reduces delays.
 @feelreset    Resets a Taekwon Masters feeling maps  
 @noks <self/party/guild>    Enables/Disables KS(KillSteal) protection.  
 @droplisten    Enables/Disables receive announcements with items/cards  
 @showauras <0/1/2>
   Show 99 lvl auras <All auras/Only Self/Disabled>  
 @autotrade / @at
   Leave your merchant logged in while closing your game client
 @autobuy / @ab    Enables system with auto buying items. Example: @ab 8903:1:999,8904:1:999  
   Show Battle Info
 @bgvotekick    Vote for kick player on BG
 @changeleader    Change Leader on BG
 @listenbg    Receive BG announcements.
 [!!] @preserve     Remove Preserve skill status.  
  Lite Graphics Plugin - it is RCX analogue, which integrated into the game client  
 @lgp <on/off>    Enables/Disables LGP.  
 @square <on/off/1-14>    Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size.  
 @circle <on/off>    Displays circle around the character.  
 @aoes <on/off>    Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm.  


Date Modified : 12-27-15