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How to write a review


Do you want to help more people find out about us and become the number one server?
The best way to do this is to write us a review on RMS!
It only takes a couple of minutes and helps the server big time for the next 6 months!

If you don't have RMS account, register here:
---> RMS Register Link

RMS Registration requires for you to verify your e-mail.
Use your real e-mail address and follow all the instructions on RMS.

After you have registered, click on one of the links below to write review:
---> Write a Review for the Low Rate Server
---> Write a Review for the Mid Rate Server

Scroll down and click the Write Review button

Now you can write a review about us.

Remember to write your reviews only in English.
You can use to translate to english from your language.

Thank you.



Date Modified : 06-01-15