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Terms of Service

Please read before creating an account!

1. Account name and registration e-mail - passport your characters. Only with this information you can rely on the help of server staff.
2. You are responsible for the security of your account. Choose strong passwords and do not share your account information.
3. Your game values will not be returned if you send your account information to third parties (including guild members, friends, scammers, fishing links and viruses).
4. Server staff is not responsible for stolen game values. Next time please choose a strong password and keep it secret.
5. Please do not use the same combination of login/password/e-mail from others servers and game projects.
6. Server staff will not require you passwords. We have all the information about your account. We may require only your login (As well as E-Mail and IP address to make sure that it is your account).
7. Prohibited hacking game accounts, hacking using a combination of bases other servers, as well as obtaining unauthorized access to game accounts.
8. Account(s) may be suspended at any time if you are using a temporary e-mail services.

The most popular types of fraud:
1. Scammer with a similar name on one of the nicknames of server staff asks your password for check.
2. Scammer asks you to add it to Skype and download the file with any reason.
3. Scammer says that you selected as the Game Master or Event GM, and asked to send money or your account data.
4. Scammer asks you to click on the link and enter your login and password to gain free bonuses, cash points or zeny.